Alameda-San Luis Neighbourhood

This neighbourhood in the historic sevillian downtown, known as San Gil-Alameda, offers to visitor a travel for the Roman and Visigothic Seville to the Seville of XXI century.

Very close to Palacios Malaver Street is San Luis Street, “via apia” of Roman Hispalis; from Itálica (in the town of Santiponce) connected to Macarena Arch through a “Roman Road”, access to the former Seville surronded by an almohade wall still standing up in its northern part.

Such an old history is joint to art, culture and tradition. Gathered to Roman Seville, Muslim, Christiam, Barroque and Universal Seville key to America, but also Sachra Seville. Nothern downtown is full of churches and temples of different styles: Romanic, Gothic, Mudejar, Barroque. Temples with special mixtures of art and popular emotion, genesis of Sevillian Easter Week, as maximum expression of all those.

Tradition and Culture is lived in Sevillian streets as well. There classic and present Seville connect, as traditional and leisure do. A minute from Palacios Malaver street you will be able to visit Feria Street Market, popular daily market surrounded by Omnium Sanctorum church and Algaba Marquess’ Palace. Plenty of restaurants, pubs and other leisure places . Take a “tapa”, small dish offers in different kinds all over the “bares” spread arroun Nothern downtown.

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